AbdulSalam Chaudhary

Abdul Salam Chaudhry is a 21 years old writer & blogger from Bhimber Azad Kashmir Pakistan. After completing his College education from his native city, he graduated from Punjab University Lahore with a degree in Psychology. He Is currently associated with the famous & reputed organization “Qasim Ali Shah Foundation” as Assistant Trainer. He had conducted various (100+) sessions and training workshops through the Qasim Ali Shah Foundation platform. His sessions and training aimed at educating young people about their psychology, intelligence and passion. For this purpose, he compiled this book after a year and a half of research and experience.

AbdulSalam has also done many online certifications from international universities in Psychology, Hypnosis, NLP, SEO, creative writing, Digital Marketing & WordPress development making him a versatile learner.

AbdulSalam write amazing blogs regularly on his website for his huge audience. “Champion Student” is his first book that was published in Urdu language on 3rd August 2019 & later it was translated into English

You can contact the author by checking out the links below & his content is defiantly going to make you a better version of yourself.

·        Website: www.abdulsalamchaudhary.info

·        Facebook: AbdulSalamChaudhary01

·        Phone Number: 923115549632

·        Email: AbdulSalamChaudhary31@gmail.com

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Champion Student by AbdulSalam Chaudhary
The Art of Becoming a Champion Student