How to Improve Memory

How does Memory work?

Memory is the ability to remember something that happened in past. We experience many things in our daily life through our five senses (taste, touch, smell, sight & sound). Whatever we absorb through these five senses is termed as memory. In this blog, we are going to start a series of blogs where we will learn on the identification of our strength as a learner & I will teach you 100s of techniques on “How to Improve your Memory” so signup your email so that you can be notified for our blog when we post next time so let’s Begin.

Memory is a true blessing of God as it allows us to remember what we read, write, spoke just an hour or a minute ago. A world without memory will be different & difficult to live when we have no idea what we did a minute ago & now imagine the other side of this story where you have unlimited power to remember everything you came across like math questions, physics Numerical & a lot more so we are going to enhance our memory with tools that i am going to explain in upcoming blogs but before that, the key thing to do is to define the types & then finding your key learning memory type.

Types of Memory:

Memory is divided into three parts based on the duration it remains in our mind.

1-Sensory Memory:

Sensory Memory is the short-living type of memory where we remember things only for a moment. For example, if your manager asks you to bring the file from his car & told you the plate number of the car then you will soon forget the number after taking a file from the car. This short term memory also enables us to save only important information in our mind & delete the rest to save the mind from overloading.

2-Short-Term Memory:

Now take the same example that we took while studying sensory memory if I tell you that the manager had a blue car & the number plate number is HLU-902. You may forget the number or you can memorize it by repeating it in your mind. But it will be easier for you to remember the colour of the car which is “blue”. Short Term Memory may last from weeks to years.

3-Long Term Memory

I will elaborate Long term memory by dividing it in further three types to make it easier for you to understand.

3.1-Semantic Memory:
This memory type helps you remember important dates, figures & concepts like newton’s law etc.

3.2-Episodic Memory
Episodic memory helps us remember the events, movies or series of things that are occurring in “Episodes”. Like cricket world cup etc.

3.3-Procedural Memory:
This Memory enables us to learn a
new skill like swimming, cycling etc.

So, till here we learned about the types of memory & now we are going to discuss the working of memory like how actually we absorb, memorize & remember or forget.


Encoding is the process of absorption of information into our mind. As we have discussed earlier that we have five senses to learn & absorb the Information, so now you have to learn the basics of three different strengths of absorption of memory & identify your strength by a test given bellow.

Some people learn better from movies than from books, they are visual learners as they can learn easily from pictures, videos, illustrations etc.

Some People learn better by touching or smelling things they want to remember. They take notes, mark the important information& do experiments when they learn.


These people learn better in school lectures. They can easily learn what they hear.

Click on the following link to Identify your learning Type.


Storing is the most important part of improving our memory. We store information for a different duration depending upon our interest in that information. Storing the information for the long term will be the key topic in our upcoming blogs so stay tuned.


It is incomplete to be smarter & genius if we could not retrieve the information at the right time so we will discuss how we can retrieve information at the right time.

Stay Tuned. This was just an introductory blog.

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