Qasim Ali Shah

Every human being lives every moment of his life in building his world he wants to live in. Youths need regular guidance to improve this journey of decisions so that they can live a purposeful life. The importance of a mentor in this regard cannot be overstated. Likewise, this book is also a means of guiding students so that they can take a solid grip on practical life through academic training & knowledge.

Abdul Salam has compiled a handbook based on the basic units of Self-Help Theories to awaken students’ awareness and improve their skills. It will briefly inform the youth so that it is easy for them to adopt in practice. This book provides children with the opportunity to rise to success in the field of education, to understand the purpose of being a human being in this world, to know their responsibilities as an elite creature, and to recognize their personal qualities. Besides, it encourages the most important children to keep the ability to ask and learn more. So that they can easily begin their journey in search of answers and better understand their forgotten real purpose in the colours and complexities of life.

This book is also of great importance because it contains a collection of literary and practical theories that make it very easy and feasible for children to practically step in & Keep moving forward steadily while organizing your time and improving your abilities to achieve something bigger.

 It is a great effort to promote SMART Tools to students by Abdul Salam’s. the role he played, the practice and the intellectual awareness that is worthy of praise. I pray that you succeed in this noble goal of guiding students while contributing to the betterment of society.

                                                     God bless you. Amen!

                                              Syed Qasim Ali Shah

                                      (Author, Teacher, Motivational Speaker)

Dr.Abdul Aziz Chaudhary

This is a guidebook that has been missing for a long time. This book will prove to be an excellent guide when looking at the needs of a student. In this book, Abdul Salam has suggested not only the best solutions to various problems of students but also practical steps to improve their academic performance, as well as to move them forward and make the best of their time.

This book will play an important role in familiarizing students with their identity, self-determining factors, understanding their human abilities, and discovering their potential. Students, as well as teachers and parents, should study this book. it has all the essentials to showcase the best performing essentials for students. I pray that the efforts of Abdul Salam will be a charity for them.

                                                             Abdul Aziz Chaudhry

                                                        (Author, teacher, life coach)

Sofia Sohail

When Abdul Salam gifted me this book and said that he wrote this book and asked me to review it. Writing a book at a young age is no less than an honour. Great to see the title of this book. The book title as you all knows “Champion Student” is a topic that is considered very important in today’s competitive era. In this book, There are several methods to improve academic performance. The methods are described in a great way, & the validity is enhanced by incorporating research and theory. The psychological aspect is based on how a person can know his personality in different ways, and habits such as planning & management. This book is a must-read for not only students but also parents and teachers, which can help them improve their children’s guidance.

                                                               Sofia Sohail

                                                     (Psychologist, Counselor)

Dr. Mohammad Saeed (Ph.D.)

The majority of students in the contemporary world are moving towards completing formal education without a clear goal and destination. I believe this book will serve as a great tool for all students, especially for students with limited resources. After reading every word of this book, I am in no doubt to say that this book will be very important to our students as well as will guarantee their outstanding achievement and present during their academic affairs. This book will provide practical solutions to all problems and make them convenient.

The details of the procedure, the ideal time schedule and other steps needed to be followed for each topic and advice are also described in detail. Readers! In my mind, this book will prove to be rare for students and their parents and will provide excellent guidance on their educational and professional choices.

                                                Dr. Mohammad Saeed (Ph.D.)

                                                  Special Educationist Lahore

                Tahir Baloch

This book is less theoretical and more a practical notebook or diary. And it will probably be the first book of this kind. Because all the books of self-help that are available in the market are based on Motivation only. But the good thing about Abdul Salam Chaudhry is that he can guide those key factors which are required to be discussed. Book also provides a diary table planner so that you can create a roadmap of your life. In the last few pages of the book, the author also listed student movie names, websites, channels, mobile applications, books by global and native authors for students to focus on and benefit from great content.

It is my advice to students, teachers, and parents to read this book. I can assure you will become champions.

                                                            Tahir Baloch

                                    (Public Speaker, Trainer & Coach)

Mohsin Raza

I will not introduce this guy to you as a friend of mine because I don’t think that would be justice to such a meritorious personality.
So guyz this is AbdulSalam Chaudhary. He is currently serving in Qasim Ali Shah Foundation. I feel shame for me and proud for this guy that while I was doing my Law Degree last 3,4 years, he did MSc Psychology, learned web designing, search engine optimization, freelancing, delivered many motivational lectures in QASF, wrote a book_ about which I shall write at the end and right now he is leading a project of QASF namely “Aao Sulah krein”.
The purpose of this move is to cope with sky-high rate of divorce rate in Pakistan. I was astonished to learn about the progress his team has made so far. They jointly prevented 12 divorces to happen or in other words, they saved 24 families from abandoning.
For me, this is real good because people sometimes take such decisions due to petty issues arising out of ego problems. So, such issues can be prevented through counselling with experts.
This guy is a reader so that reading experience led him to write a book of his own. The name of the book is “Champion Talib-i-Ilam” (Champion student), comprising 180 pages.
What makes this book distinguished is its simple tricks and charts which help a reader, first to know about his true kind of personality which ultimately helps a person choose his field of expertise as per his interest and personality. Secondly, Ch. told me that most of the books urge us to do something but lack the proper guideline about how to do that and he felt that lack and filled it with the book of his own.
I would really love to read the book, first because it is written by my friend and secondly because the way it’s first 1000 copies sold out in a little while and the reviews from the readers. The tea was superb, so was the memory. Thank you so much for your valuable time and I will do my best to comply with those express and implied suggestions that you gave me.
I would recommend the book to you all and will wish Ch best of luck for the next book.