How to Overcome Height Phobia?

How to Overcome Height Phobia?

Acrophobia or fear of height is the most common fear in humans that can be termed as an intense fear of height that causes panic and anxiety.


  • Anxiety
  • sweating
  • feeling sick
  • shaking
  • panic attacks
  • chest pains
  • high blood pressure


The weird thing about phobias is they don’t necessarily need causes. In most cases genetic and environmental factors play an important role, the few causes may include
falling from a high place in the past
have seen someone falling from the height


1-Exposure Therapy

you are exposed to an object or situation about which you are afraid of in a controlled environment. for example, starting with the baby steps by watching videos of Valleys than Bridges than zip lines etc. visiting your house rooftop using step ladders once it is also recommended.

2-Virtual reality

have you ever seen someone streaming or feared while having a virtual tour? well, I did and I helped many of my clients in dealing with acrophobia with virtual reality an important role in dealing with acrophobia.


I can help you in dealing with your Fear by the premier parts about height go and find a therapist and conquer your fears .


This should always be your last solution. A psychiatrist will prescribe you medicines that will maintain your blood flow and manage your thoughts to manage your anxiety.



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