Psychological Effects of PUBG

Psychological Effects of playing PUBG Game

Player Unknown’s Battleground (PUBG) was released in March 2017 & in just duration of two years, it crossed its users’ numbers from 227 Million because of its uniqueness & attractive Graphics. This game gained much fame in a very shorter period of time across the globe in a very shorter period of time making it […]

Book Reading in Pakistan

A Research on Book reading in Pakistan.

Pakistan & Book reading: According to a survey conducted in January 2019 in all provinces of Pakistan by Gallup & Gilani Pakistan, 75% of Pakistanis do not read books of any type including self-help, poetry, autobiographies etc. Research also showed that 9% of people are avid (Adds ‘Read Books’ to his/her to-do list everyday so […]

Wise Mobile Usage

Mobile Phone is now our important part of our day routine.From getting up in the morning to sleeping at late night.We Spend most our time with our this buddy.Mobile phones covers everything from alarm ,calendar,calculator, camera, internet browsing,clock and time,and lot more including our important information.This is one of the great invention that had made […]