Book Reading in Pakistan

A Research on Book reading in Pakistan.

Pakistan & Book reading:

According to a survey conducted in January 2019 in all provinces of Pakistan by Gallup & Gilani Pakistan, 75% of Pakistanis do not read books of any type including self-help, poetry, autobiographies etc. Research also showed that 9% of people are avid (Adds ‘Read Books’ to his/her to-do list everyday so that at least one item gets checked off the list) readers. More Classified results are as follow

No.Hours (Book reading in a day)Percentage
021 Hour16 %
032 Hours3%
043 Hours2%
054 Hours2%
066 Hours2%

Let’s Compare these stats with other countries (Sources by Worldatlas.com), These following stats will show you which country read more books (hours per week)

No.CountryHours (per week)
01India10 Hours 42 Minutes
02Thailand09 Hours 24 Minutes
03China08 Hours 00 Minutes
04Philippines07 Hours 36 Minutes
05Egypt07 Hours 30 Minutes
06Czech Republic07 Hours 24 Minutes
07Sweden07 Hours 06 Minutes
08France06 Hours 54 Minutes
09Hungry06 Hours 48 Minutes
10Saudi Arabia06 Hours 48 Minutes
11Hong Kong06 Hours 42 Minutes
12Poland06 Hours 30 Minutes
13Venezuela06 Hours 24 Minutes
14South Africa06 Hours 18 Minutes
15Australia06 Hours 18 Minutes
16Indonesia06 Hours 00 Minutes
17Turkey05 Hours 54 Minutes
18Canada05 Hours 48 Minutes
19USA05 Hours 42 Minutes
20United Kingdom05 Hours 18 Minutes

According to an article Published in “The Nation” Newspaper by Mr. Inayat Atta in April 2016 “our education system has to be transformed along the lines which inculcate lifelong learning habits among the students. We need to distill the wisdom from words of Thomas Carlyle, “What we become depends on what we read after all of the professors have finished with us. The greatest university of all is a collection of books.” We need to realize that those who study only the course books or professional texts may succeed in getting good marks or a job, but those who read beyond these formalities will eventually lead more fulfilled and productive lives. The need of the hour is that both the state and society must encourage that ethos where progressive elements such as intellectual cut-and-thrust, freedom of discourse, and research and learning are encouraged. Till then goals such as progress, development, pluralism and enlightenment will remain  forlorn dreams

We all know that readers are leaders. So we have to be habitual in reading good content in the form of books, magazines, articles, blogs so that we can learn as an individual to play our role in making our world a far better place than it is today.

So how we can be habitual in reading books?

here is the part of the blog on this topic.

Books are Blessings, I Mean If you have some goals in life then your best partner will be a book.

Books will take you where you are today to where you want to be.But How?

Many questions come in our mind about books?


        1-What Types of Books are More Helpful?

        2-Why Should I read books?

        3-What Will I Get?

        4-How can i get used to read books?

Today we will just focus on these four questions.Answers will pave your Path and lead you to success in the best possible ways.You will feel new Horizons of life & Nature & you will be able to live the life;the way it should be lived

What Types of Books are More Helpful?

Finding the right type of books that suites your personality is first step in book reading.We often use to read books that are irrelevant to our likes and interests.So we got fed up very soon by book reading and as a result our love for books dies and ends.

So How to Choose my Book?

Choosing Book is choosing your domain. Some people loves to read Biographies ,Some love History,Some Love Self help & Personal Development. Choose your books according to your love.

Love & Likes of every person is unique.

Fins your love & You Will Find your Book 

Why Should I Read Books?

An Average CEO of Today Reads 60 Books/Year.Why???????? Because He Knows That Only way to move forward is to learn more.Let Me Say Something That is Entirely Deep

You CAN get experience life of sixty years by reading only one book of an author?


When an author writes, he/she writes his experiences, his mistakes, His Outcomes, and you get an experienced life____Blend of Everything meaningful & Helpful in just 5 to 6 hours. For me, it’s not a bad deal.

Life Is Short ,you cannot do the same mistakes that our fathers & forefathers had did.so its better thing is to learn from our mistakes, but Its Best to learn from others Mistakes too!

How can I Get Used to Read books?

Small Start:

Reading books is not like a military mission in which you have Do Or Die Situation.Book reading is on your capacity;how much you can absorb ,repeating absorb, book reading is not about reading it does means absorbing.Starting from 2 to 3 pages a day will not even bother you much neither it is very difficult to arrange time for 2 to 3 pages.It Maximum Takes 15-20 minutes only.

Make Schedule 

                          The best time to read and absorb is from 04 AM to 6 AM.During this time period you can take the maximum output in minimum time from your brain.Productivity decreases with the passage of time and at night it have a level of 15-20%.So Make a Time Table of reading books and it is best to set it on morning.

Write Purpose of Book.

Books quench our thirst for knowledge. Through books, we learn about how things work, understand different cultures, and comprehend the history of things. We can learn new languages, how to improve ourselves and even how to build things. The right books are full of useful information that helps us become smarter, sharper, more skilled and more open to new ideas.

                                            It is easy to find answers when you know the questions SO create a question from Book Title.


          When I read *Tick Tick Dollar* i Knew it is about time management so i wrote some questions that i want to get answered.

1-How to manage time?

2-Concept of Self Management?

3- Time Management and productivity?

Above are some questions ,But they are enough to teach you to how to get maximum outputs from book.

Take Notes:

                     Taking notes is an art ,it is not about write whatever yo read and it also does not means to make your Book Blue,Red,or Yellow with the help of Highlighters.Notes are only the most important data that can be stats,dates,bullet points etc.Its never means to be paragraphs and paragraph & Paragraphs.So Write whats the most important

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