“The Morning Boy”


“The time just before dawn contains the most energy of all hours of the day. This has helped me become an early riser and an early doer…. When I wake to see that it’s lights out already, I feel the world has started without me.”
~Terri Guillemets

We often talk about the successful people & their charm of life like how they are driving their Lamborghini & having a cup of coffee on the 16th floor of some building in the New York but we never see the other side of story which is that it takes them years of consistency & hard work in being there, where they are today. When I studied the lifestyle of those successful people who are either from today’s modern world like Elon Mask, Bill Gates , The Rock, Tom Cruise, Donald Trump, Imran Khan, Steve Jobs, Modi, Tim Cook or from the scientists & inventors from the history, those all were the early risers, & like many other habits, getting up early in the morning was one of the most effective habit that made them what they are today (successful).The question is How? There are number of reasons (blessings) in getting up early & we will discuss few of them .The modern-day science proves that the most useful time of the day is before dawn & one who know how to use time well is actually successful in modern world. When I was reading & studying the life of early risers, I came to know about one more shade about early rising & I called that “Empty Mornings”. There are many people around us, which use to get up early in the morning but never become successful so I concluded one thing that only early rising is not a condition for setting up a healthy life style in your life. The Actual condition is to have a productive use of this time. So, from today instead of scrolling your social media & checking your Whatsapp messages soon after getting up or posting a selfie with hashtag #earlyrising #goodmorning, make a better deal with time & invest your time in some productive tasks that can energize your body. Let’s discuss something that we can do in the morning to make our time productive through out the day.


Adding this section with thanks to Hal Elrod from his book “The Miracle Morning”

(Savers is my most favourite & used techniques that’s why I added this technique to my book).Below is a brief overview of the six practices in the “Miracle Morning” routine.

1. Silence

I know, it sounds sort of awkward to wake up to sit silently. But this silent is actually a meditation that you do, meditation has a nearly endless list of proven health benefits for human body and mind — from less stress and anxiety to more creativity and clarity — Yes, I said right & you read right. Meditation can help you in copping many major & minor issues of your life & can help you in becoming smarter. If you don’t know how to do meditation then you can learn it by some YouTube channel or by downloading “Simple Habit” app from google play store & do it for 5 to 10 minutes a day & believe me it’s not difficult like learning some mathematical theorem. You just have to sit & relax & focus on one thing at one time.

Note: You are not going to see its results in a day or week but after a month you will see change in your energy level defiantly & believe me, I added this this for a reason & that is your growth. 

2. Affirmations

We often got depressed on many little things that our friends & family say to us about our life like “you are a failure” “ you are stupid” “you are ugly like hell” & on the very opposite side when somebody tell us that “ You are going to be successful” “you are Super Smart” “you are beautiful” , both type of sentences have an effect on us. If somebody says negative, we become depress & when somebody says positive, we feel bliss. Now there is one more side that we need to discuss & that is what we say to ourselves. Listen! if you keep saying yourself a stupid , you will become a stupid one day, if you keep saying yourself super smart , you will become a super smart. You know how? We humans are psychology programmed to believe what we say to ourselves & it does not matter either its positive or negative. It you will talk to yourself positively , you will become positive regardless of thousands of negative idiots around you. Affirmation is the name of “talking positive to yourself” daily to make yourself believe that you are going on a right path. To practice this Affirmation technique, you just have to write a couple of positive sentences about yourself & read them daily. Let me tell you what I have written on my working desk

 “I am an young successful author, speaker & blogger. I made people feel good when they interact with me either in my workshops or in one to one meeting. I am born to remove the pains from life of others & this is what motivates me.  

Write your affirmation statement down here.


& now practice it daily & thanks me later.

3. Visualization

Affirmation is audio auto-suggestion to yourself that you are born for a reason & you are special. Visualization is video auto-suggestion in which you see yourself where you want to be in next 5 years or two years. You see yourself achieving your goals & fulfilling that dreams with closed eyes. We saw these dreams with a third eye called as “Future Eye” using the tool of “Imagination” to look into our future, to see what we actually want to become. Visualization helps us in being motivated most of the times even in the toughest situations & even in the “depressed idiots”. Believe me these are billions of people around us which don’t possess this third eye & they die one day without visions & goals to become something admirable. Do practice this for 5 minutes a day & become something admirable.

4. Exercise

When it comes to this point, then please don’t overthink , you don’t need to run 8 miles or even go to the gym at all (unless you want to). “Exercise” can be something as simple as ten minutes routine exercises like doing sit-up’s & pushups & plank  or set of bodyweight exercises you do on your living room floor. You just need to get moving and get the blood and oxygen flowing to the brain. Add these exercises in your daily to-do list & complete them on your first priority.

5. Reading

Reading is something you should do though out your life. You must read minimum 10 pages per day, & that must be some personal development book or a religious text not WhatsApp texts or Facebook statuses. We will briefly talk about it but bit later.

6. Scribing

Scribing is writing your ideas, your thoughts & whatever comes to your mind. The book in your hand is a product of scribing in the early morning for about 18 months consistently (some Sunday off of course).Writing your ideas will help you in managing & channelizing your thought process. It is like 

How to Wake up early?

Well, I will praise myself for adding this million-dollar question in my book as it is the problem of almost everyone. According to a report published by American National Health Institute shows that 60% of college students face the problem of poor sleep quality & 7.7% have met the criteria to have insomnia disorder. You can also assess your sleep quality online by filling out “Petersburg sleep quality test”.

Now let’s move forward & discuss those things that you have to add or remove from your lifestyle to become a early riser but before that you have to remember three things.

“Great Sleep = Great Day”

“Good Sleep = Good Day”

“Bad Sleep = Bad Day”

The quality of sleep is directly related to your energy level on the next day. I added the previous chapter to brief you about having a deep sleep so that your body can prepare well for the next day. So now we will discuss those important factors & techniques that can help you in getting you out of the bed at right time instead of snoozing your alarm for 5 or 10 minutes.

1-Understanding your Body & mind.

Today’s science proves that our all activities & emotions of the day are directly proportional to how we wake up in the morning. So the most common mistake in waking up in the morning is we snooze our alarm for five or ten minutes without knowing the consequences of it on our body (I believe you are not going to repeat that mistake after reading this chapter).Research proves that snoozing for a couple of minutes leads us to a full stress full day & we keep feeling lazy thought out the day just because of five to ten minutes & that is the worst deal we do with our comfort zone. Research explains that the sleep of a person is divided on cycles of 75 to 90 minutes. A complete sleep may consist on 4 cycles at least & after that your mind start preparing for waking up. When we put snooze for 10 to 15 minutes , our brain starts another sleep cycle for 75 to 90 minutes (as brain is programmed to do) but when we get up finally & start preparing ourselves for school, college or university, is not we feel laziness? Yes, we do because our brain is in sleep cycle & our body in out of bed making an awkward situation for us in which we desire to sleep but we can’t. This situation (or those 5 minutes of snoozing) creates problems in us like anxiety, stress, laziness, & take away our creativity, focus & motivation.

2-Why you want to wake up early?

Human psychology says that if you want to build a new habit (getting up early in the morning in our case) , then you need a bigger reason to adopt this habit as compared to the other habit that you want to remove (keeping yourself in bed). Science is simple, your why for doing something should be bigger than not doing something. So, if you want to wake up early then find a reason to do that, a bigger reason that can actually fight against the will to stay on Bed. Think about  what are the possible reasons you can have? Let me tell you my reasons of getting up out of bed & start working

  • To write (writing is my passion & talent too)
  • To learn (Morning is the most suitable time to learn something)
  • To Enjoy the Essence of Dawn

Find yourself & decide what drives you out of bed?

3-How to wake up?

Well First see these few statements

Sir I want to wake up to study but I simply cannot.

Sir I want to go for walk but I cannot.

Sir I unconsciously put my alarm on snooze

Sir I am last minute boy, I get up just 5minutes before school bus arrives

Sir I want to leave the Blanket but Blanket don’t leave me(Joke)

Sir I want to sleep

Well this is the problem of almost everyone.

We want to do something but finding a bigger reason is really a tough task so what should we do in the meantime of finding our Big Reason? We have to play a game with our mind. Your mind is like an elephant & you are like a boy sitting on him. He will try to do what makes him comfortable but you should do what is good for you, so here are few techniques that you follow to play with your elephant & train him to do things you like instead of that what he likes.

1-5 Seconds Rule:

5 Seconds rule has changed millions of lives in five seconds. It is simple psychological trick that you play with your brain to make him do whatever you want to do. Author of the book “5 Seconds Rule” Mel Robbins says that our brain is programmed to give us excuses, reasons for not doing what you want to do (out of comfort zone) after 5 seconds of thinking something. So, if you want to do something out of your comfort zone than you should take action within 5 Seconds after you thought about it. Like when you open your eyes to snooze your alarm, instantly move out of bed with reverse count from 5 which will be like 5,4,3,2,1 & 0(out). It will stop brain from making excuses for not doing something & here is you who is out of bed,

2-Smartphone + Water.

Alarm clocks are history, now our young generation (including me as I am 21) uses smartphone which is all in one package so alarm is one of its features. The thing you have to do is to set alarm on your phone at least 90 minutes (as we discussed in previous chapter) & keep it at least 12 feet away from your bed & also keep a glass of cold water near your phone. So, on the very next morning , when your alarm rings,

You will get out of your bed to stop the alarm & have a glass of water which will ultimately detach all laziness & your desire for sleep & now you can start a productive day.

3-Sleep Earlier:

We have discussed this thing in brief in last chapter. The optimum time to sleep is from 10pm to 04pm so if you went to bed early, then there are very good chances of waking up easily on time so set your routine by keeping both aspects in mind.

4-Give yourself Time:

Siachen is the world’s highest battlefield which is about 18000 ft high from sea level. When military moves toward the Hight or any new platoon or unit is deployed to Siachen then they are not send at 18000 ft at first deployment because humans can’t adopt such low temperature (-50 C), first the new unit is send to 3000 ft, then 6000 ft & than this distance is increased gradually with time to make body adopt the change. What we learned is that Human body is not designed to make drastic changes at once, like you are not going to make yourself out of bed at 4:00 am at the next day after reading this book & applying 5 seconds tool. You may get successful once, twice or thrice but it will not work longer because your body in not designed to adopt sudden changes. So, you have to take small steps & bring small changes in your daily routine to finally get yourself adopted to a completely new waking up routine.

The Psychological background of making this chart is that our brain does not resists us much in making small changes rather than making big changes in routine. Getting up early 3 to 4 minutes a day will be easy for you to do & after 12 weeks you will be able to wake up on optimum time with a healthy & consistent routine.

Week 107:30 Am
Week 207:15 Am
Week 307:00 Am
Week 406:45 Am
Week 506:40 Am
Week 606:30 Am
Week 706:15 Am
Week 806:00 Am
Week 905:45 Am
Week 1005:30 Am
Week 1105:15 Am
Week 1205:00 Am

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