“The Art of change”


“The only way that we can live, is if we grow. The only way that we can grow is if we change. The only way that we can change is if we learn. The only way we can learn is if we are exposed. And the only way that we can become exposed is if we throw ourselves out into the open. Do it. Throw yourself.”
― C. Joy Bell C.


Change is the name of a step-by-step process. Whenever we try to change ourselves once like a magic we fail because we are trying to go against the phenomena of change. Change Always take time to take place.  For Example, if your weight is 200 pounds & your waist size is 42 & you want to look stylish & cool then this will not be possible with one day diet. It will take time to let understand your body & change accordingly. So, let’s assume that you are the first car & you want to become Bugatti so give yourself time & involve yourself in changes that will ultimately makes you the latest car (Bugatti). Change comes from learning & making mistakes, if you keep on moving with persistence & keep moving forward toward being the ultimate Bugatti, you will be one day & that day you are going to feel proud on yourself.

On the next page, you are given with a chart, List the ten habits you want to adopt in the next six months, and then slowly start working on them. These habits will bring you closer to success. Therefore, choose habits wisely.

                              Chart of Changing Habits

S. NoHabits I Have NowHabits I Will AdoptI Will Adopt Habit Till (Date)

There are many things in our life that we can do to improve our self and personality by doing better. Make a list of all these tasks and start working on them one by one. Be assured that you will personally feel and improve your personality.


Friends, if you think you can avoid spirituality or religion and go on a journey to success, then this is your misconception because there were numerous examples all around the world who got financial success but always felt emptiness inside them as they were not fulfilling the need of spirituality. Today, people all over the world do yoga, meditation & related exercises to stay mentally and physically fit. The researchers prove that the religion ISLAM has given us a blessing in the form of prayer that benefits more than modern yoga. From Wudhu to prostration, every process has millions of benefits within it. Today’s modern science also makes it one of the best practices and benefits for humans. Where you get spiritual comfort from prayer, it also has its physical benefits. It teaches you the best time management. It keeps you from being slothful and sluggish. It not only keeps you refreshed, but also avoids germs and diseases. It is proved from medical researches that during prostration, your brain gains enough oxygen to improve your memory. So, if you are a Muslim try to offer prayer regularly & if you are not then do meditate to keep your soul powerful & stronger. Meditation & Yoga are worldwide popular exercises & you will defiantly feel good after doing them consistently because it will bliss your soul with fullness.

2- Planning

Once two wood-cutters went into the forest to cut wood. They both had an axe. They started chopping wood in the morning. When the two sat down to lunch, the first one asked the other “how many trees you had cut so far?”, the other one answered “Only one tree has been cut up till now”. The first one said “I have cut thirteen trees till now because I sharpen the axe in the morning before starting the task”. He advised the second one that your axe is rusty. First, sharpen it and then start cutting down the tree, you will cut more trees till evening. Second one replied “I’m not stupid to waste my time doing this (sharpening the saw)”

Do you understand who the stupid one of them?

What can we learn from this?

If a person sharpens his axe, he can cut wood more effectively. Same rule applies in our lives too, when we plan our tasks & objectives in advance then we can use our time more effectively.

3. Set a balance

Have we not made our lives so busy that we do not have time to improve ourselves?

Are we properly dealing with the problems of our lives?

Are we taking care of our body with regular exercise and good health?

Are we doing meditation and worship for our soul’s diet?

Are we doing something to soothe and satisfy our heart?

Are we resting our mind to work better than mental ability?

Let me explain with an example, it was a summer day in Lahore Pakistan, I was on Mall road on car & suddenly a A6 (worth 10-15 Million pkrs) crossed me with speed. When we reached at traffic signal, I saw the owner of the car sitting on back seats weighting about 230 pounds with redness in eyes & coughing regularly until we were there & he had a nurse with him in his car.

In my viewpoint, success is the name of balance in the world. If you are un-able to maintain a balance between your health, body, work, and other things, then your success will be in vain. You have made 1 billion dollars by working days & nights but then you have lost your health & become sick then what will happen with your hard work? Can you enjoy a heavy meal with a sick stomach? Can you enjoy a long track with your wife with 230 pounds in your body? Can you enjoy a cup of tea when you are a diabetic patient? The Answer is NO. So, Stop running behind money blindly. You have to look after yourself so that when you achieve your dreams then you must have a body, mind & company to enjoy with you.

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