Planning your day to planning your life

                         Planning your day to planning your life.

         “Give me six hours to chop down a tree and I will spend the first four sharpening the axe.”
― Abraham Lincoln

Successful planning is the first step toward success. It is based on practical steps rather than empty motives. Many people plan their days, months & years months but do not implement those plans. The only reason for this is that they are not able to plan their day well.

Remember that the day itself is the basis of one month and one year. If you have good foundation of well-planned days, your entire year’s building will be perfect. Planning for the future makes you feel motivated every time, makes you believe on ambition stronger and builds a brighter future by utilizing existing resources.

Planning does not mean you have to engage yourself all day, but planning means to engage yourself in productive tasks like successful ones and complete them by implementing them.

There are some questions that will come to your mind such as:

1. Why do I plan?

2. When should I plan?

3. How to plan?

One thing that is common in all of us that we all have twenty-four hours (86400 seconds) and usage of that time decides whether we are going to have a successful day or a failing day.

۔Why plan?

                 Goals + Daily Action = Achieving Your Dream

Suppose today is a Sunday fun day and you are free to do what you ever you want to do,

What you will do?

you will get up at 11 o’clock, you will have breakfast, then spend your time with smartphone & laptop watching Netflix. But if we plan the same Sunday, we can make it more beautiful, like the beautiful morning walk, reading a good book, helping mom in kitchen or helping father in garden. Go spend quality time with your family by going to the place. Plus, you can plan for the coming week. You can watch a movie this Sunday in which you can learn something new.

So, here are your next Assignments for next Sunday that you have to do & mark tick after completing it.

01A Long Walk or cardio3.99Km walk or 2.99Km cardio 
02Reading a Book6 Pages Only (Happy?) 
03Watering Plant in Garden15 Plants 

2. When to plan?

Planning enables you to do a lot of work in a limited period of time. When to plan the day? The best time to plan a day is the night Before. Take your diary and make a list of all the tasks you need to do tomorrow, for example.

• Waking up at 05am

•15-minute morning walk

•5 Pages of Book.

•Playing Badminton in evening.

And engage yourself in the small things that increase your productivity so that you will find small achievements in your life and these small achievements will make you a great success.

3- How to plan?

I believe that 90% of plans get failed even if they are of a day because one of the main mistakes we make when planning is that we don’t prioritize our important tasks. Morning is the time when our brain is at maximum capacity (if you took quality sleep) & to get the best out of your brain in morning is to involve yourself in learning & productive tasks such as reading, writing etc. What we do is exactly opposite that we search our smartphones to check the new posts on Facebook, Instagram & to know who sent me what on WhatsApp which is the most useless activity with a high-performance brain. You must give yourself a better version of activities. Try to complete your day’s important & productive tasks early in the morning like reading 5 pages of some book or writing something. So, from today, make a commitment to spend your day in a special disciplined way and plan it so that you can make your day more beautiful and brighter.

                                               Make a To-Do List

You can create a chart like this to do your daily tasks consistently as these are really simple but effective. Just write down the Task (reading a book), target (5 pages) & achieved (how much you read). Mark all the Achieved status at the end of the day (if convenient) to check out how much tasks you have completed & how much you couldn’t complete.


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