Diet Plan for Mind

Diet Plan for Mind

Have you ever heard about this?

Did somebody told you that diet plan for mind also exists?

If NO!Then give me 264 Seconds to give you a diet Plan for a better mind.

When people become fat,they start thinking that now they don’t look smarter & beautiful.They are ugly now with this tummy.they start hating themselves so bad that they even try to avoid mirrors.

Have you ever witnessed this?

I did.

A long ago

But on that day I got 2 diet plans when I visited a dietitian with that 100kg fat person.

1 diet plan for his physical body (given by dietitian)

& second one for my mind (given by some organized thoughts + 2 research papers that I read at that time + a quotation written on a wall.As per topic , I will only discuss diet plan of mind.


                   You may hve come across many people in our society that have wrinkles on their faces.Stress , tension , depression , anxiety & lot more than these things exists in them which make them so depressed that they forget to laugh & Smile even not at jokes.I feel pity on these miserable humans. You know what? Those people are carrying useless weight on their shoulders & making their lives dead

So if you are reading this than you should not be like them.Smile & laugh.It gives a pleasant feel & that feel is the protein for mind.Once you have developed this habit , eventully you will be able to face the difficult situations with just a Smile ☺.So My dear treat yourself like a prince/Princes not like a begger with wrincles.

2-Connect yourself to your creator

*I am closer to you than your jugular Vein* ALLAH Says in Quran.

Did you ever feel him?

Have you ever stoped yourself from doing the wrong thing just by thinking that ALLAH SWT is watching you?

Did you ever feel secure by feeling him around you?

Whose name you take when you are in danger?

If your All answers are YES then you have a strong connection with your creator.

I don’t know your sect/religion/believes but one thing I know that if you believe in ALLAH Alimighty you will feel mind fullness.As far I know that spirtuality is all about filling the gaps within you & solving those bugs (negative thoughts) & making you update each minute , each day.God placed these gaps in us so that we turn to him to fill them.Only HE has the key of your feel him around yours .

He will enrich your mind with quality food.


                                      How Many push-ups you can do? 10? 20 ? 40 ? Based on your biceps & triceps strength & size of tummy you are blessed with.Same comes with your mind easily you can solve your problem?How fast you can make a good decision?How easily you get angry?how much control you have own your nerves?How good is your imagination?How good is your planning?how much information you can store in how quick time? This all depends on you strong your mind muscles are

So if you want to upgrade your mind intelligence you must do sports.A study in USA revealed that the GPA of those students who were active in sports for at least 45 minutes a day was higher than just book-worms.So built your mind’s biceps & triceps.Muscles strengths is prescribed is this diet plan.Do it & get smarter.


Hey!i am not talking about her messeges & those blue ticks when she read your message.I am talking about reading the good & useful content.Reading good books & Articles.

Let me ask you

How many words you read a day?

 How many book you read in a year?

How much you love reading?

Your Mind’s processing speed is directly propotional to your word processing speed.It is proven by a research that if you are a good reader ,your mind will not get weak by your age in your sixties & seventies.So try to read good content.What are requirements of good content?here they are?

1-Must give you energy to achieve more.

2-Must give you a new vision for life.

3-Must give you a rule/discipline/trick/tool to get better.

4-Must give you a way to find your own self.

5-Must give you new way to think & see the new horizons of world.

6-Must be something new for you.

7-Must be something that you can teach others.

 Last but not the least

8-Must be practical.

5-Diet Plan

                        At last must follow your diet plan for physical health.what you intake effects your mind’s working speed.Eating good is also self-respect.So follow a diet plan & don’t forget to have one cheat day every week.

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Did it take more time than we promised to you? If yes ? read it again it will not take again.But IF it takes, you can read it again in quick time.

Like our blog & Share it with your friends.Follow our diet plan & see the results.

Atlast Thank you for being here.

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