4 Ways To Increase Productivity

4 Strategies of Productivity

Regardless of whether you are a business leader or a freelancer in charge of your own hours, it can be a struggle to fit in a productive day’s work and shut down your computer at a reasonable hours.Following Tips Will Help you In Productive Time Management of Working Hours.

1. Get focus fit.

We are living in a world of distractions. Some of them are inflicted upon us through notifications that pop up on our devices. Others are self-imposed, like many of use are get used to check facebook again and again for no reason.because of the distractions technology imposes on us, we spend the majority of our time doing Nothing.Because of the constant distractions, we have forgotten how to truly engage in “deep work”—that is, focused thinking where we make meaningful progress on our most impactful projects.

2. Take frequent breaks instead of one long one.

If you are in a busy job and already working long hours, you may be someone that believe you simply don’t have time to take a break. Unfortunately, this puts us in a constant state of poor  performance.

One study showed that the most productive performers worked solidly for 52 minutes and then had a break for 17 minutes. Other research has shown that in contrast to one 30-minute break, hourly five-minute walking breaks boost energy, sharpen focus, improve mood and reduce feelings of fatigue in the afternoon more effectively.

3. Don’t eat lunch at your desk.

Research has shown that the simple act of eating our lunch anywhere but at our desks leads to us being better able to cope with workplace stress and also gives us greater energy for the afternoon.

4. Shut down your day.

To help reduce stress and provide closure on your day, spend two to three minutes writing down what you have accomplished that day; feeling a sense of progress has been shown in research to be the most powerful motivator at work. Then spend two to three minutes planning the following day, which helps provide a sense of control, another great motivator, and mental closure.


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