3 Habits to Be Stoped

In Our everyday habits ,some habits decrease our energy level for no purpose they can be some relatively less important tasks that we do first without no important or urgent basis.

With the right habits, anyone can increase results and become a high performer in almost any field of endeavor.– Brendon Burchard

1. Starting Day With low-level tasks and activities.

What is the first thing you do when you wake up? May Be FollowingCheck Facebook.Checking WhatsApp.Checking texts & messages.Checking Instagram.And do almost anything else on your phone or computer.These are all low-level tasks. They’re your least productive activities that  expend valuable energy that we should be using for more important tasks.Instead, spend your time using that critically important energy to prepare yourself for the day ahead and put yourself in the right mental state; work on your craft, business, or a passion project.

2. Taking Physical Health lightly.

                                        Not only does physical health affect your mental performance, maintaining your physical health might just be the single most important thing you can do to improve your mental performance altogether.

For example, physical exercise has been shown to pump oxygen to the brain, which helps improve working memory, concentration, and even creativity. Similarly, a healthy diet improves brain health in various ways depending on what you eat, including everything from memory to concentration


Multitasking is a slow, silent killer — possibly even more so than the other points on this list. It’s a bad habit that most of us have picked up and do unconsciously.

Similarly to making smart early morning decisions and using that precious mental energy most effectively, you need to become keenly aware of how you use your mind throughout the day.

And one of the worst habits many of us pick up is the need to constantly be juggling multiple tasks simultaneously.

This has not only been shown to make us less productive, it’s dangerous because it splits our attention, which leads us to doing everything less effectively. No matter how good you think you are, you’d be better if you learned to focus your attention on the task at hand for a period of time and then switched to whatever else you needed to do later.

So, do yourself a favor and start reducing the multitasking and increasing the dedicated blocks of focused time where you remove distractions — a far more effective method of working for optimal performance.

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