13 Points from Power of Your Subconscious Mind (Joseph Murphy)

The purpose of writing on Power of  Subconscious Mind is to strengthen the believes of readers.In our daily life we use to come across two different categories of people ,One who is living a happy & joyous life & another one just having miserable day.What do you think?What is the reason of these two entirely different mindsets.

Is it Wealth?

Is it Race/Family Background?

Is it a job?


The Author Marks a Huge NO & Stated that the quality of life is entirely dependent on quality of Our thoughts .

Let me present you some remarkable ideas & Key points discussed by Murphy in POWER Of Subconscious Mind. 

1-Your Subconscious Mind Solution of Every Problem  that  you face.

2-Your Life is Incomplete without a belief (Faith)

3-Your Prayers are going to be Answered when you will believe that you will get what you are Asking for.

4-If you keep thinking about Peace,Harmony,Health & good Will ,Your Subconscious Mind will add these ingredients in your life

5-if you think good,Good will follow,if you think Evil ,Evil Will Follow.

6-  Visualize Yourself achieving what you actually want to achieve.

7- Don’t Make Money your Sole Aim

8-3 Points of Success

                                          (1)-Find things you Love to do

                                         (2)-Specialize in particular branch of work & know more than anyone Else

                                          (3)-Surve Society through Your Skills

9-Idea of Success Contains all the elements of success

10-Happiest person is he who brings forth the highest & best in him

11-Give no one in all the world the power to deflect you from your Goal

12-if you have a keen desire to free yourself from any destructive habit , you are already 51% Healed

13-you were born with only two fears, the fear of falling & fear of noise.All your other fears were acquired.Get Rid of them


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